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Pareco Run

IT'S PARECO TIME!! This is one of my favourite races from all of Elite Dangerous Racing and I felt like it would be criminal for me to not bring it back for a third time given how popular it was last year! Also after the madness that was the last race lets have a little palate cleanser and keep it nice and simple! ... Psykit

Regulation Results

Pareco Run results (regulation)

Unlimited Results

Pareco Run results (unlimited)

Double Trouble

This is a brand new race, brought to you with some optional shenanigans once again provided by long time Buckyball fans Anthony “Fat Tony” Lonnigan and Enoch “Little Nuk” Lonnigan (aka The Lonnigan Brothers) – you didn’t think you seen the last of them after last year’s Seven Sisters Speedway did you? This is a simple race involving leaving the start/finish station (Hoshide Dock in the Adivarakhe system) and visiting three starports (docking at each) and three installations (passing inside or through each one). The complication is that each destination system contain one starport and one installation (double trouble), so you need to decide whether it is quicker to visit each system once or twice.

Double Trouble results (regulation)

Double Trouble results (unlimited)

Tunnel-ish Vision

With the Thargoids continuing to cause havoc it's been decided that infrastructure across the bubble needs to be surveyed to check for damage and general space worthiness and we're the only folk who are mad enough to nip round a bunch of stations, ports, cap ships and installations in double quick time just for the fun of it, and maybe a drink at the bar after it's over.

Tunnel-ish Vision results (regulation)

Tunnel-ish Vision results (unlimited)

Thargoid Structure Scramble 2

With the recently released footage of a new, smaller and seemingly much faster Thargoid variant, speculation is rife on what role this new vessel might serve. It's even been suggested (by certain Buckyball organisers desperate for a narrative to hang their race off) that it might be designed to zip into our stations, scan for military intelligence data, steal our communication devices, and zip out again before we have time to react. Well two can play at that game, and that's where you lot come in!

Thargoid Structure Scramble 2 results

The Empire Hustle

Welcome to the first race of the year, “The Empire Hustle”. This is the first in the Magic 8 Ball 2 “Swift Sixteen” series being held throughout 3309. The race is a completely honest rehash of events previously run by Cmdr Furrycat and Cmdr PolarBruski. Judging by the title you can well imagine it is set in the Empire. Not only that, but all of the ships except the regulation Cobra must be of Imperial design. It is a simple race involving just five starports set a short distance apart. The task is to fly to each station, loop it and dock as fast as possible. That`s it!

The Empire Hustle regulation results

The Empire Hustle unlimited results


The Trouble With Triples

Did you ever have a moment when out exploring or when trading or running missions or otherwise travelling from one system to another only to get a rude awakening by almost crashing into one of the stars in the system you jumped into? Maybe you even passed through its atmosphere and scooped a bit of fuel! This can happen for very tight binary systems depending on your angle of approach but tight triples can leave you cooking in between multiple stars. There are not many in the Bubble but you'll meet a handful here and hopefully live to tell the tale. This is The Trouble With Triples.

The Trouble With Triples regulation results

The Trouble With Triples unlimited results

The Magic 8 Ball Championship

A championship series consisting of 8 races run at monthly intervals throughout 3308 with each race being a community favourite from the past 6 years of Buckyball Racing Club history. Competitors will be awarded points according to their final placing in the race that will count towards their overall championship standing, with our 3308 champions being announced at the end of the season. To allow for the fact that not everyone who enters the championship will necessarily be able to take part in every race, only the best 6 results will be counted.

The Magic 8 Ball regulation results

The Magic 8 Ball unlimited results

The Last Gasp (Magic 8 Ball)

The Last Gasp is the final race in the Magic 8-Ball Championship and we're returning to the home of the Buckyball Racing Club, Rebuy Prospect in Fullerene C60. Before taking off racers will need to purchase five Buckyball Beer Mats and turn off their (class A) life support module. Your objective is to deliver one beer mat each to between three and five remote stations and then return to Rebuy Prospect, all before your air runs out!

The Last Gasp (8 Ball) regulation results

The Last Gasp (8 Ball) unlimited results

Mischief Mile (Magic 8 Ball)

Mischief Mile is race number 7 in the Magic 8-Ball Championship. As with most Buckyball races, the basic premise is simple. In this case, fly from one side of the Bubble to the other. To be exact, from Tepech to Mirateje (or the other way round), a mere hop of 344 ly. Also, as in most Buckyball races, there's a catch. In this case, two of them: no fuel scoops and no additional fuel tanks. You'll have to find some other way!

Mischief Mile (8 Ball) results

Chicken Run (Magic 8 Ball)

The 6th in the Magic 8-Ball championship, this race requires the participants to start from Noriega Station in the LTT 2151 system with an empty hold (or at least not holding any Crystalline Spheres), fly to Snow Moon in the Bento system and pick up at least 1 ton of Crystalline Spheres, and then visit six planetary stations each with increasing gravity, before finally returning to the start line.

Chicken Run (8 Ball) results

Seven Sisters Speedway (Magic 8 Ball)

Welcome to Round-5 of the BRC Magic-8-Ball Championship - Seven Sisters Speedway Remixed: An edited rerun of a BRC race originally run in 3305, which was itself a reimagining of one of the earliest BRC events; take off from Ohm Horizons in HIP 29312 near the edge of the bubble, and take a whirlwind tour around some of the stations and installations of the Seven Sisters in the Pleiades Nebula, then race back to Ohm Horizons.

Seven Sisters Speedway (8 Ball) regulation results

Seven Sisters Speedway (8 Ball) unlimited results

On The Rocks (Magic 8 Ball)

It's been four years, and the bars at the Asteroid bases are thriving! Time to revisit these glorious bases. Take 5 Buckyball Beer Mats and deliver one to each of the asteroid bases nearby, to offer them the help they need if they join Bucky's empire. And on your way back make sure to pick up 5t of water from Jack's Town, which has the purest water of them all, and deliver it back to Bucky so he can keep his punters happy.

On The Rocks (8 Ball) regulation results

On The Rocks (8 Ball) unlimited results

The Wiccan BeWare Race (Magic 8 Ball)

This race was originally a part of the early days of Elite all those years ago. It was rehashed as a new race in 3305 but still called the Wiccan Ware Race. For the Magic 8 Ball Championships 3308 it`s back but now it`s just a bit tougher, therefore “Beware”! The race is a test of skill and nerve without much in the way of ship protection or automation. As a cargo runner you should be fast without care for traffic or the life of your vehicle. You do not have time for fuel stops or fancy jump techniques. Shields just make you soft. The cargo comes first.

Wiccan BeWare (8 Ball) regulation results

Wiccan BeWare (8 Ball) unlimited results

The Aquarian Job (Magic 8 Ball)

The Buckyball Racing Club has renewed its partnership with Clayakarma Electronics, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their low-budget blockbuster movie "The Aquarian Job", a modernized reboot of the 30th century original classic "The Lavian Job". Participating members will be involved in a re-run of the wildly successful promotional race, covering the main locations of the events portrayed in the movie; namely, the populous London Relay in the iconic Epsilon Indi system, the solitary Bridger Town planetary outpost in Chi Herculis, and the far-flung Cooper Arena settlement in the 241 G. Aquarii system, around which the main movie plot revolves.

Aquarian Job (8 Ball) regulation results

Aquarian Job (8 Ball) unlimited results

Back To Pareco

The first race of the Magic 8 Ball championship and a reboot of the "Full Throttle at Pareco" race from 3305. Taking place in the unusual system of Pareco where a cluster of 6 stations orbit in a tight circle with each other, the race involves flying around the circuit performing as many landings as possible in 20 minutes.

Back to Pareco results

New Pilots Hustle

The Buckyball Racing Club and the New Pilots Initiative present a crossover event which will test your supercruise, speed docking, and aerobatic skills in the hottest racing action this side of the Xexedi Cluster! Hustle over to the NEWP controlled sector to get on the starting grid at Whitson Hub in Meliae. From there, plot a course to visit five nearby stations in the order of your choosing. Fly a loop around each station before docking. Return to Whitson to land and complete your race entry.

New Pilots Hustle results


The Lavecon Lockdown Challenge

Part of the virtual celebrations for Lavecon 2021, the Lavecon Lockdown Challenge is an SRV, SLF, Keelback triathlon around the tunnels of a planetary port with the added bonus for Odyssey players of an on-foot "Le Mans" style running start.

Odyssey results
Lavecon Lockdown Challenge Odyssey results

Horizons results
Lavecon Lockdown Challenge Horizons results

Thargoid Structure Scramble

The race starts at Reed’s Rest in the Merope system, where all Thargoid roads lead. Pilots are required to visit 3 Thargoid structures and scan the central device to gather data to see if there have been any recent changes to the signals from them. However in order to access the bases you will need to have a Thargoid Sensor in your hold. Fortunately there is a crash site in a nearby system where the Sensors can be reliably found, and I don’t think you have to worry too much about your ship being eaten from the inside out ... if you’re quick enough!

Regulation class
Thargoid Structure Scramble results (Regulation)

Unlimited class
Thargoid Structure Scramble results (Unlimited)

Sidewinder Fuel Finder

Remember what it was like when you got your first stock Sidewinder, where lack of jump range was a real problem and lack of a fuel scoop meant having to find places to stop and refuel? This race honouring the fuel rats puts you back in that situation and challenges you to get from Celaeno to Fuelum without having to call them.

Sidewinder Fuel Finder results


Real Men Race In Lederhosen

A race to deliver beer and other associated rare supplies (including Buckyball Beer Mats) to the system of Bavarigga. But there's a twist. You have to gauge your run perfectly to arrive on or just before the hour (or half hour). Are you really as good as you think you are?

Real Men Race In LederHosen results

Keys To The Carrier

A race to collect three Guardian Keys from three different Guardian Beacons and return them to the fleet carrier KEYS CUT WHILE-U-WAIT! as quickly as possible.

Keys To The Carrier results

The Lavecon 2020 Buckyball Race

Part of the virtual Lavecon 2020 weekend, this was a quick "rush job" tour around four outposts near to Lave, starting and finishing at Lave Station.

Lavecon 2020 Buckyball results

Engineers Canyon Mayhem

Engineer sightseeing tour for race enthusiasts. Take a ship that can carry at least 5 passengers to the 5 beginner engineers bases in any order and then race around them in either the ship itself or else an SLF or SRV.

Engineers Canyon Mayhem results

Signs of Life

The Signs Of Life race involves visiting as many different locations where life of one sort or another can be found, scanning the different types of life form present and returning to the starting system within a fixed time limit. The time limit is 30 minutes for Regulation DBX and 1 hour for Unlimited.

Signs of Life results (Unlimited)

Signs of Life results (Regulation)

A Halpy Hand

The Hull Seals are an organisation dedicated to help people who damaged their hulls, similar to the Fuel Rats, just with other limpets. Nearing the anniversary of the Seal's creation, it's time to celebrate it with a nerve-wrecking Buckyball race!
Halpy, the god of the Hull Seals, demands a tribute.
This race will test your skills in route plotting, jumping and fast approaching locations, everything a seal needs to master.

A Halpy Hand results (Unlimited)

A Halpy Hand results (Unlimited Bonus)

A Halpy Hand results (Regulation)

A Halpy Hand results (Regulation Bonus)


Total Recall 3

Total Recall 3 is the third in a series of Total Recall events sponsored by the Buckyball Racing Club, which focuses on SRV sprints away from planetary bases followed by recalling your ship. This multifarious race tests CDMRs' skills of terrain analysis, SRV driving, planetary ship docking, supercruise planet approaches, knowledge of planetary rotations and eclipses, and hyperjump route-finding.

Total Recall 3 results (Unlimited)

Total Recall 3 results (Classic Cobra)

Lava Loop

The Lava Loop race showcases some of the hottest places in the Bubble - literally. All the stations are in orbit, some in very close orbit, of worlds with seas and oceans of magma, that are even visible on the dark side. The course follows a loop that can be run in either direction to mitigate the problem of obscured jumps, which are expected to be common due to the close orbits. The start and finish point is Conway City in LTT 4961, which is a Coriolis station, but all of the waypoints are outposts, so only small and medium ships are able to participate.

Lava Loop results (Regulation Hauler)

Lava Loop results (Unlimited)

Full Throttle at Pareco

Welcome to "Full Throttle at Pareco", a Buckyball time trial race being run in conjunction with Frontier's new "Full Throttle" livestream series. The race takes place around the circuit of 6 stations located approx. 11kls from the main star in the Pareco system. The winner will be the person who makes the largest number of stops around the circuit in the allotted time, and, as a tie breaker for commanders making the same number of stops, the one with the lowest elapsed time over the 20 minutes to their final screenshot.

Full Throttle at Pareco results

Hot Off The Press

Do you have what it takes to become a photojournalist? As a member of Sagittarius Eye magazine's highly skilled photojournalism team, not only do you need to be able to take excellent photographs, but you also need to be able to use your investigative skills to know where to get the perfect shot and be capable of getting to those locations quickly and efficiently. After all, today’s news is tomorrow’s history, and you’re not applying for the role of history correspondent!

Hot Off The Press Results

Seven Sisters Speedway

Buckyball racers have a long history of fun in the Pleiades Nebula, and so it seems fitting after our brief break from racing to return to the route of one of our original events (The Pleiades Hip Hop) and see if the high performance ships of 3305 can race to the Pleiades and back in less than thirty minutes, but this time visiting a few of the stations and installations of the Seven Sisters in typical Buckyball Style.

Seven Sisters Speedway Results: Open Unlimited class

Seven Sisters Speedway Results: Regulation Hauler class

Seven Sisters Speedway Results: Nuk's Kamikaze Cup

Wiccan Ware Race

The Buckyball Racing Club welcomes all pilots to the 3305 racing season! Ever wanted to fly really fast? Ever wanted to test your flying skills? Ever wanted to see what is possible with the old Sidewinder? Then you are right were you belong – at the Wiccan Ware Race.

Wiccan Ware Results


Triangle Triathlon

This is a race intended to challenge participants in the use of Ship-Launched Fighters (SLFs) and Surface Reconnaissance Vehicles (SRVs) as well as ships capable of fitting both of these. The race is a Triathlon with three systems to visit where different challenges await!

Triangle Triathlon Results: Regulation Keelback class

On The Rocks Results: Single Unlimited class

On The Rocks

Bucky's bar is normally full of pilots coming back from a race telling of some beautiful sights they'd seen while blasting through systems, they like the place and Bucky likes racers because they sure know how to party after a race. Following one of the recent races though there's been an influx of miners in the Fullerene C60 system, brought by the recommendations of the racers who passed through their system, and as well as keeping Bucky busy they've been talking about the new Asteroid bases that have been constructed over the last year in the core systems.

On The Rocks Results: Dolphin class

On The Rocks Results: Open Unlimited class

Race to the Poles

In the late 19th century, when humanity was pushing to discover the most obscure corners of Mother Earth, the Polar Ship Fram was built with unusual specifications to allow her survive, and keep her crew alive through, being trapped in the ice of the planet's polar seas. To celebrate the voyages of Fram and the explorers who sailed in her, Buckyball Racing Club brought you a race to the north and south pole stars, or as close as can actually be reached, calling along the way at stations named after the three expedition commanders.

Race to the Poles Results: Extreme Explorer class

Race to the Poles Results: Fram DBX class


Close Encounters

Close Encounters was a race between some stations in rather low orbits, including the famously cloud-skimming Robert Aitken Orbital in Firdaus, a station which has seen an SRV make its way from the surface to dock there, and an asteroid base within the rings of a gas giant.

Close Encounters Results: Scout class

Close Encounters Results: Open Unlimited class

The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2018

The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2018 was a special live event for those attending Lavecon 2018.

The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2018: Results

Falling With Style: An SRV Base Jumping Festival

Back on Earth in the decades around the turn of the 21st century a thing called "base jumping" was a popular past-time for the spoiled and reckless (basically an urban underclass who dressed and spoke like they were poor yet could seemingly afford to hire helicopters to drop them at the top of mountains or spend weeks of voluntary unemployment travelling the globe looking for tall buildings to scale). The name "base jump" came from the acronym B(uilding) A(ntenna) S(pan) E(arth), things the base jumper would climb and then, you guessed it, jump off. Typically using parachutes or wing-suits to survive the fall, the objective was to have a "wild ride man!" and survive to make a cool video about it that could be shared on social media. Fast forward nearly 1500 years and we found ourselves parked on top of the 15km high mountain next to Smith Base in the Beta Sculptoris system thinking, well basically ... "let's do this thing!"

Falling With Style Results

The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl

Buckyball Racing Club invited pilots to try their hand as designated pilot for the "Glorious Golden Kylie", a pub crawl visiting the bars in the home systems of seven of the galaxy's finest beverages, as well as four more rough-and-ready space bars, before finishing at the famous curry house The Galaxy's End in Ochoeng.

The Galaxy's End Results

Poisson d'Avril

One of ancient Earth's more intriguing customs took place on April 1st of each year when people would play pranks on their friends, typically by trying to trick them into believing outlandish claims. The gullible victim would be labelled an April Fool and the day was often referred to as April Fools' Day. In the country of France it was also popular for children to attempt to affix a paper cutout of a fish on to an adult's back without being noticed. Such a fish was known as the poisson d'avril, which can be literally translated as the April Fish.

Buckyball Racing Club celebrated the whimsical old tradition with a race between Poisson Orbital in the Kappa system and Poisson Enterprise in Trevakat. Racers had to visit four fish-themed stations along the way, and could earn bonus time by carrying out various optional challenges.

Poisson d'Avril Results

Chicken Run

In classic ride-testing style, Buckyball Racing Club invited pilots to pit their skills against landings on ever higher gravity worlds - with a few breakable objects on board, of course.

Chicken Run Results: Open Unlimited

Chicken Run Results: Healthy Hauler

The Medevac Memorial Challenge

With growing threats facing humanity throughout occupied space, the need for competent ambulance pilots has never been greater. In conjunction with the teaching institution at Harris Hospital, Buckyball Racing Club presented a test of skill for interstellar ambulance pilots and speed enthusiasts of all kinds.

The Medevac Memorial Challenge Results: Dolphin

The Medevac Memorial Challenge Results: Experimental

The Last Gasp

This race came with a challenge; to get as far as you can, and back to the start, without life support and before your oxygen runs out. It was an event that left racers gasping for every last bit of speed!

The Last Gasp Results


Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory was a short scramble around the iconic abandoned settlement of Dav's Hope.

Land of Hope and Glory Results

Hermaszewksi Celebration Race

As a special event in conjunction with The Winged Hussars, to mark their second anniversary, we presented a race in celebration of Miros?aw Hermaszewski, the first (and so far, only) Polish astronaut.

Hermaszewksi Celebration Race Results: Adder Class

Hermaszewksi Celebration Race Results: Free For All


Buckyball Racing Club brought you a race in honour of the ancient norse religion originating from the northern part of the European continent on Earth. Racers were invited to try two courses: one as a bird seeking to beat Ratatoskr, the squirrel who runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil to carry messages between the eagle and the hawk Veðrfölnir (both perched atop Yggdrasil) and the dragon Níðhöggr; the other to slither around the nine worlds as a snake.

Yggdrasil Results

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing

Long time Buckyball racing fans and notorious mobsters jovial entrepreneurs Anthony "Fat Tony" Lonnegan and Enoch "Little Nuk" Lonnegan - aka the Lonnegan Brothers - invited racers to join them for a week-long festival of Buckyball racing at Brash Orbital in the beautiful Siren system. Festival events included a traditional short range scramble around nearby stations, a quick lap of the bubble for longer range racers and trips out to the Wasat Cup Rally course in neighbouring Wasat for those who prefer to fly things with eight wheels. The festival also featured The Ironbucky Trophy, for crazy racers who think they can run all three events back to back without repairs, and the return of viewers' favourite The Lonnegan Brothers' Scale of Hotness.

Ironbucky Trophy

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Ironbucky Trophy

Open Unlimited

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Open Unlimited Overall

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Open Unlimited Station Scramble

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Open Unlimited Bubble Tour

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Open Unlimited Wasat Rally

Cobra Classic

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Cobra Classic Overall

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Cobra Classic Station Scramble

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Cobra Classic Bubble Tour

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Results: Cobra Classic Wasat Rally

The Lion's Back

The Lion's Back was a simple run across the major star systems of the constellation known as Leo, with a bit of variety of waypoints along the way.

The Lion's Back Results: Open Unlimited

The Lion's Back Results: Regulation Adder

Prison Brake

Penal colony authorities across Federal and Independent space are concerned by analysis of the automated Incoming Traffic Profiler and Threat Assessment Network which has highlighted the possibility for a skilled pilot to bring a ship fast enough inside the security perimeters, sabotage prison structures or pick up escapees and flee before the prison defenses even had a chance to react. Even the most accurate simulations can't compare with live testing on the field though, so the need has arisen to find a way to repeatedly stress the automated systems with live incoming ship traffic. As a result, Buckyball Racing Club brought you Prison Brake, including a landing on the (in)famous moon Mitterand Hollow!

Prison Brake Results: Eagle Regular

Prison Brake Results: Open Unlimited

Armed and Dangerous

In the interests of increasing awareness of the long arms (colloquially known as "doom hammers") at Viete Colony and Bushkov Dock, Buckyball Racing Club brought you a short race between the two.

Armed and Dangerous Results: Adder Special

Armed and Dangerous Results: Open Unlimited

Double Action Jackson

The Buckyball Racing Club, sponsored by MetaDrive Inc., presented an event to test the mettle of even the most reckless courageous racers! Seeking information on the effects and mechanics of Frame Shift Drive Supercharging, pilots were invited to swing around and through Jackson's Lighthouse, the bubble's best-known neutron star. This event also commemorated beloved science fiction hero Doctor Daniel Jackson's original discovery of the first "Stargate," by passing through stations Carter and O'Neill.

Double Action Jackson Results


The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2017

The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2017 was a special live event only available to those attending Lavecon 2017.

The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2017 Results


In recent years racers have seen significant improvements made to their vehicles, and humanity has been pushing the boundaries of the bubble farther and farther, some organisations even establishing stations in the deepest regions of space. In celebration of all that human progress the Buckyball Racing Club hosted Nebulocity, which started at the newly constructed Rebuy Station in the Fullerene C60 system, and took racers on a whirlwind tour of four nearby nebulae, some familiar and others less so.

Nebulocity Results

The Aquarian Job

The Buckyball Racing Club partnered one more time with Clayakarma Electronics, for the promotion of their upcoming motion picture "The Aquarian Job", a modernized reboot of the 30th century original classic "The Lavian Job". Participating members were involved in a promotional race covering the main locations of the events portrayed in the movie; namely, the populous London Relay in the iconic Epsilon Indi system, the solitary Bridger Town planetary outpost in Chi Herculis, and the far-flung Cooper Arena settlement in the 241 G. Aquarii system, around which the main movie plot revolves.

The Aquarian Job Results: Adder Fodder

The Aquarian Job Results: Open Unlimited

The Aquarian Job Results: Big Air Challenge

The Aquarian Job Results: Frequent Flyer's Club

Heavy Metal Results

Advanced Options

Buckyball Racing Club welcomed pilots to Haisheng Orbital in Noatiaca, for a short and simple circuit of the local systems. Simple, that is, aside from a variety of hilarious options available to improve the recorded time.

Advanced Options Results: Unlimited Class

Advanced Options Results: Old-School Cool Class

Tunnel Vision

Buckyball Racing Club took to the tunnels, with a series of close encounters with military and civilian installations, as well as buzzing both Federal and Imperial dockyards, including a bonus for getting larger ships through the tunnels.

Tunnel Vision Results

Swoop 'n' Scoop

As a quick warm up to a new season of racing, Buckyball Racing Club invited pilots to a quick swoop and scoop in Orrere. This was a planetary surface race which tested supercruise, orbital cruise, landing and SRV driving skills as pilots swooped down to the surface of Orrere 2 B and scooped cargo from the wreckage of a crashed ship. For added excitement racers could play their Win it or bin it joker card to earn a time bonus if they dared to fly without shields or hull reinforcements.

Swoop 'n' Scoop Results


Grom In 60 Seconds

The Buckyball Racing Club is pleased to announce that it has been granted an exclusive contract to fly stunt vehicles for a new remake of H. B. Halicki's classic 20th century motion picture Gone in 60 Seconds, which is being produced by Clayakarma Electronics Partners. The studio will record the action using the same telepresence technology installed in fighter bay hangars equipped on ships such as the legendary Keelback, providing audiences with the most immersive virtual reality experience ever. Pilots with recording hardware installed aboard their ships will fly stunts which can be relived by anyone with a telepresence playback unit as though they were part of the action themselves. Club members were asked to participate in up to three scenes in which the protagonist must steal either a small, medium or large ship from nearby stations.

Grom In 60 Seconds Results

Kick the Alien

The Alien shipwrecks have been scanned, mapped, photographed, recorded, refuelled, patrolled, defended, mined, worshipped and shot at. It's time for the Buckyball Racing Club to step in and do their thing.

Kick the Alien Results

Day of the Dead Stars

Buckyball Racing Club paid homage to the dead... stars, that is, with a race around seven white dwarfs.

Day of the Dead Stars Results

Alphabet of Science

For many centuries we, humankind, have reaped the benefits of the work of a few, talented people. This race ran to honour a handful of these people.

Open Unlimited

Alphabet of Science Results: Open Unlimited

Open Stock

Alphabet of Science Results: Open Stock

Cinco Maxxxxxer Mixer

The Buckyball Racing Club, sponsored by Drinx Inx, presented an event to test route plotting, silent smuggling, and crazy SRV acrobatics skills to the limit with the most turnt racing action you'll find anywhere outside Jaques' mysterious stills! (have you ever been inside one?)

Cinco Maxxxxxer Mixer Results


While there are many stations throughout The Bubble with "fast" in their name, Fast Ring in the Manktas system is the only large starport among them. As such, they earned the right to host the fastest race ever organized by the Buckyball Racing Club: a simple jump out and back with the added challenge of burning as much fuel as possible.

Burnout Results

Heavy Metal Megadeth

Following a spate of reported crash landings on high gravity planets, it was decided to do a bit of testing with pushing ships to their maximum tolerance during high-g landings. Pilots were invited to gather in the Dog and Thargoid bar, Cook Gateway, Medzistha, for a quick plummet.

Heavy Metal Megadeth Results

Total Recall 2

Once again we teamed up with TrakMark tyre company to organise a stress test of SRV tyres around some rather challenging base locations...

Total Recall 2 Results

Glorious Bast-erds

On 30th June 3301 Newton Dock in the BD-02 4304 system was quarantined due to the outbreak of a plague of unknown origin. The Cerberus Plague eventually spread to over 20 systems and claimed 100,000 lives. Thanks to a massive effort by a group of independent pilots, a cure synthesised from Ceremonial Heike Tea was discovered and used to treat plague victims at Hart Station in the Bast System. This cure was then mass produced and shipped to other infected systems. On 10th August 3301 the last infected systems were declared to be free of the Cerberus Plague.

In tribute to the heroic efforts of those glorious BAST-erds and Ceremonial Tea Baggers one year before, the Buckyball Racing Club hosted a racing event at Hart Station involving a scramble around nearby medicine production facilities and a speed run to Brunel City, Heike.

Glorious Bast-erds Results: Unlimited

Glorious Bast-erds Results: Regulation Cobra

The Long Haul

Jaques Station, the famous moving starport, put out a call for supplies to help with repairs following the aborted jump to Beagle Point. This was no simple task, with a supply line stretching nearly 22,000 light years. Speed was of the essence to meet Jaques' demand in time to get the best rewards, so what better opportunity for a race? Buckyball Racing Club called on all traders, haulers, explorers, racers and pilots everywhere to show what they can do, all in the aid of helping this far-flung outpost of humanity.

The Long Haul Results: Unlimited

The Long Haul Results: Classic

The BuckyBubble

In celebration of the first birthday of the Buckyball Racing Club came one of the craziest races yet: the BuckyBubble! Starting from Wolf 359, the route passed through 60 systems drawing out the shape of a buckyball.

The BuckyBubble Results

Fly Me To The Moon

In celebration of the 1333rd anniversary of the legendary first human landing on the Earth's Moon, the historical re-enactment society "Ex Luna Scientia" partnered with the famous Buckyball Racing Club to organize a commemorative race, in the form of one their trademark "Midweek Madness" events.

Fly Me To The Moon Results: Open Unlimited

Fly Me To The Moon Results: Eagle Lander

Multi Ship Madness

Studies revealed that it's more profitable for shipyards, starport operators and insurance companies if pilots own and operate multiple vessels. This induced Wolf 562 Major Inc. and Cookiebot Industries to host a short race over two laps that required pilots to fly two different ships.

Multi Ship Madness Results

4001: A Space Odyssey

Recent events in the Altais system involving the discovery and subsequent disappearance of a large monolith on Altais 2B led Manager Garret Bryant of Altais Industries to request the Buckyball Racing Club to organise an "event" to draw attention to the plight of the system and help boost local businesses – especially drinking establishments.

4001: A Space Odyssey Results


Musical Science

The annual Galactic Battle of the Bands festival was held as ever at the Piano Ring in the Bang system. For an additional attraction, pilots were invited to give chartered flights around some musically inspirational stations. All the headline acts signed up, so this was a chance to mingle with the stars.

Musical Science Results

Old World Hustle

Buckyball Racing Club and Elite Racers presented a crossover event which tested supercruise, speed docking and aerobatic skills in the hottest racing action this side of the Xexedi Cluster! Pilots were invited to hustle over to Lave for a race between, and looping around, the classic stations of the Old Worlds.

Open Unlimited

Old World Hustle Open Unlimited Podium
Old World Hustle Open Unlimited Results

Regulation Eagle

Old World Hustle Regulation Eagle Podium
Old World Hustle Regulation Eagle Results

Buggyball: Jailbreak!

In honour of the incarcerated buckyballer Igor Coblimski, currently serving 20 years hard labour at Zalyotin Penal colony in Ao Kang for repeated speeding offences, the Buckyball Racing Club organised an SRV rally race of 90km from Zalyotin Penal Colony to Wells Relay, with 10km and 30km classes available for those with less time.

Jailbreak Results

The Bucky Files: Case of the Missing Comet

Pareco has plenty of stations, but where are the planets? The Case of the Missing Comet invited racers to get a fast ship and head over there for a couple of laps of the system to see whether their travels could shed any light on the mystery.

Main Leaderboard

Case of the Missing Comet Results

Shieldless Stock Sidewinders

Case of the Missing Comet Shieldless Stock Sidewinders Results

Second Star Relay

Buckyball Racing Club was pleased to welcome racers new and old to its very first team event! Teams of three were invited to wing up and show their racing prowess in a relay race round a short lap.

Second Star Relay Results

The Kessel Run, Episode II

The Kessel Run returns! A different end point led to a change of routes, but the challenge remained the same - to call at each and every starport and outpost named Kessel.

Open Unlimited

The Kessel Run Results, Open Unlimited Class

Regulation Cobra mkIII

The Kessel Run Results, Regulation Cobra Class

Beggar's Canyon LIVE

As a special event to mark May the 4th, pilots were invited to join in live canyon racing at Beggar's Canyon on the surface of Okinura 2a.

Beggar's Canyon Results

Swift-Walker Econ Sprint

An easy-to-run, very fast race to keep racers occupied while waiting for the Kessel Run Episode II, the Swift-Walker Econ Sprint added a slightly different challenge - use an economical route, and keep the fuel consumption up!

Swift-Walker Econ Sprint Results

Total Recall

Total Recall was an opportunity to demonstrate ship and SRV handling skills in one go, taking pilots between and across four planets in four different systems.

Total Recall Results

Spring Break

Grant Academics, whose slogan is 'We Make Learning Easy', partnered with the Buckyball Racing Club to provide students with chauffeurs during the Spring Break vacation. Commanders showed off their piloting skills while escorting students from the Exigus campus to the biggest tourism hotspots in the region.

Spring Break Results

Buckey Ball Raleigh

Three stations. Three days. This was no ordinary Buckyball Rally. This was Midweek Madness. This was Buckey Ball Raleigh! Instructions were simple: "Dash from Buckey Ring in NLTT 57216 via Ball Dock in CD-37 641 to Raleigh Terminal in Ross 720. Observe the fuel restrictions in force for the race. Do not observe the speed limit."

Buckey Ball Raleigh Results

Secret Scramble

A simple scramble race - from the start point, visit any 6 stations from a list of 12 choices, and return to the start. Only this was a secret scramble - until it was over, nobody was told what ships or routes were being used...

Secret Scramble Final Leaderboard

Buggyball: The Wasat Cup

The first in an occasional series of shorter Mid-Week Madness events brought planetary surface racing in the form of Buggyball! The Wasat Cup was offered as a prize for a 50km surface race from Elwood Camp to Ferguson Prospect.

Wasat Cup Final Leaderboard

Turbo Hour

Turbo Hour was a timed endurance race in the style of the ancient 20th century automobile races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours of Sebring. Racers competed to see who could fly the greatest distance in a limited time, looping between a set number of stations in the order of their choosing. Competitors who were daring enough to fly without shields could play their single-use "Win it or bin it" joker card to earn valuable extra minutes on the course.

Turbo Hour Winner Turbo Hour Runner Up

Turbo Hour Best Lap Speed Turbo Hour Best Average Lap Speed
Turbo Hour Best Lap Time Turbo Hour Best Average Lap Time

The Art of Pandemonium

Are you easily amused? Do you enjoy crashing into ships, stations and/or planets? Are you gullible enough to take part in a race set by a slightly mad ex-engineer with no relevant qualifications? If so, this was the race for you!

The Art of Pandemonium Results: The Short Circuit, Open Unlimited

The Art of Pandemonium Results: The Short Circuit, Sidewinder Challenge

The Art of Pandemonium Results: The Black Sheep

The Art of Pandemonium Results: The Token Ring

The Art of Pandemonium Results: Overall Winners


My True Love Sent To Me

My True Love Sent To Me was a race to get the right collection of rare goods back to Windt Terminal in time for an amazing party early in the new year.

My True Love Sent To Me Results: Albatross Class

My True Love Sent To Me Results: Buzzard Class

My True Love Sent To Me Results: Falcon Class

My True Love Sent To Me Results: Wren Class

Escape Velocity

Buckyball Racing Club requested aid in testing the durability of the new planetary approach suites. These might now have been made available to the majority of independent pilots, but will they really stand up to repeated fast planetary approaches and departures? There was only one way to find out...

Escape Velocity Results Table

The Mischief Mile

Can you fly across the most populated part of the galaxy without running out of fuel? Do you know where the Fuel Rat Mischief is based? Where do most Commanders run out of fuel in the galaxy? All these questions were answered with this rat race from one side of civilised space to the other.


Mischief Mile Regulars Class Results Table


Mischief Mile Regulars Class Results Table

The Kessel Run

In commemoration of the classic audiovisual entertainment series from the 20th and 21st century, the inaugural Kessel Run was a race from George Lucas to Jabbah, calling on the way at every station and outpost named "Kessel".

Open Unlimited

Kessel Run Open Unlimited Results Table

Regulation Sidewinder

Kessel Run Regulation Sidewinder Results Table

Regulation Cobra

Kessel Run Regulation Cobra Results Table

Bump n Grind Outpost Dash

All the fun of the fair but without the senseless goldfish death or overpriced candy-floss, the Bump'n'Grind Outpost Dash was a race around a circuit of outpost landings.

Bump'n'Grind Outpost Dash Results Table

Border Hopping

Set in between Empire and Federation space, the Border Hopping circuit was a quick route across the borders between civilisations, powers, and factions.

Border Hopping Results Table

The Ice-Cool Truckers Bootlegger Challenge

The biggest rare-goods hauling event of the year, to prepare for the biggest party of the year (in Alacarakmo, anyway).

Bootlegger Challenge Results Table

Best Trader League Results Table

The Mrs Lonnegan's Ultimate Spa Weekend Trophy

BRC Warm Up Race 01

From Ohm Horizons in HIP 29312, could you visit all of the Seven Sisters and be back before the bar shuts?

Pleiades Hip Hop leaderboard

The Black Riband

Are you the best smuggler in the galaxy? Prove it, then...

The Black Riband is an ongoing challenge to smuggle eight of the hottest rare goods across the width of the bubble, seeking to beat the current record holder. See this forum thread for full details.