Buckyball Racing Club title

The Buckyball Racing Club

The Buckyball Racing Club was formed by a group of participants in the Buckyball Run series of races, after it was announced that the original organiser of the Buckyball Run was taking an indefinite break from doing so. The aim of the club is to continue to organise and race in Buckyball-style challenges.

We always welcome new participants, and there are also plenty of opportunities for anybody who wants to organise a race. If you're interested in running an event (or just have a good idea for a future race) then the easiest way to get in contact with us is to just pop into our Discord server and say hi!


The aim of Buckyball-style races is to be as inclusive as possible. The features of these races are:

Buckyball Racing Club

The Buckyball Run

The Buckyball Run series of races, organised by Cmdr ElectricZ, is the original Elite: Dangerous long-distance racing series. For more details, including results of all races, click the link below to go to our Discord server and then navigate to the #past-events-ez channel.

Buckyball Racing Club on Discord

And click here for a report of an encounter with Bucky himself.