Buckyball Racing Club title

How to Enter

Full details of each race will be posted as a thread in the official Frontier Forums (either the Community Events section, or the main Dangerous Discussion section). The front page of this site will include a direct link to the thread for each race.

Race entries can be submitted by posting in the race's forum thread; by sending a private message through the forum to the race's organiser; or by email.

A summary of the key points of racing can be found in the following instructional video, courtesy of Cmdr furrycat.

Evidence of race times should be provided by means of in-game screenshots. Below are example screenshots, showing the key features that need to be included in each case. Not all races will require all of these types.

Outfitting Screen

Station outfitting screen showing internal components, cargo capacity, ship mass and jump range

Race Start

For the best time, first return to the surface of the station. Then take your starting screenshot on the launch pad just before hitting "Launch".

View from cockpit on docking pad ready to launch, showing location, time, date and ship symbol

Waypoint or End in System Without Station

Galaxy map screen showing time and date, plus current location equals X and/or system X is distance zero light years

Waypoint or End in Starport

Station menu on docking pad showing location, time and date

Buying or Selling Cargo

Commodities market page showing location, date, time, required cargo and quantity in hold