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The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl

Buckyball Racing Club invites pilots to try their hand as designated pilot for the "Glorious Golden Kylie", a pub crawl visiting the bars in the home systems of seven of the galaxy's finest beverages, as well as four more rough-and-ready space bars, before finishing at the famous curry house The Galaxy's End in Ochoeng. Click here for full details.

Standing Challenges

The A* Challenge

The A* Challenge is simple: Fly from Sol (or Wolf 359) to Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy, and record your time for doing so.

Of course, this being the endurance challenge of the racing world, there's a bit more to it than that, including maintaining focus for a trip that will many hours in the cockpit, and the perils of route plotting in the galactic core.

The A* Challenge is open for the long term. Make the run at any time, with no deadline. For full details on rules and how to enter, see the race thread here.

Upcoming Events

When What Organiser
28 April - 6 May The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl Cmdr Raiko
19-27 May Falling With Style Cmdr Alec Turner
16-24 June tbc tbc

All race dates may be subject to change. This is necessary to enable races to avoid periods of major galactic instability. It is expected that any changes will be announced at least a week in advance of the start of each race.

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