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Fat Tony's Festival of Racing

Fat Tony's Festival of Racing has been postponed - expected race dates are now 30 September to 8 October (tbc).

Long time Buckyball racing fans and notorious mobsters jovial entrepreneurs Anthony "Fat Tony" Lonnegan and Enoch "Little Nuk" Lonnegan - aka the Lonnegan Brothers - invite you to join them for a week-long festival of Buckyball racing at Brash Orbital in the beautiful Siren system. Festival events include a traditional short range scramble around nearby stations, a quick lap of the bubble for longer range racers and trips out to the Wasat Cup Rally course in neighbouring Wasat for those who prefer to fly things with eight wheels. The festival will also feature The Ironbucky Trophy, for crazy racers who think they can run all three events back to back without repairs, and the return of viewers' favourite The Lonnegan Brothers' Scale of Hotness.

Road Rally Racing

The Road Rally Racing championship will soon be here!

Road Rally Racing is a championship series for racing SRVs on twisty courses around surface outposts. This is not the long-distance, straight-line "fliving" of previous SRV events, this is proper driving with plenty of turns and scenery as racetracks visit every corner of the outpost. Over the three-month season competitors will tackle six varied courses, with the champion being the competitor with the fastest combined time.

Road Rally Racing season 1 will run from 1st October to 31st December 3303. Click here for a season overview and rules details, and here for maps for season 1.

Standing Challenges

The A* Challenge

The A* Challenge is simple: Fly from Sol (or Wolf 359) to Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy, and record your time for doing so.

Of course, this being the endurance challenge of the racing world, there's a bit more to it than that, including maintaining focus for a trip that will many hours in the cockpit, and the perils of route plotting in the galactic core.

The A* Challenge is open for the long term. Make the run at any time, with no deadline. For full details on rules and how to enter, see the race thread here.

Upcoming Events

When What Organiser
30 Sept - 8 October Fat Tony's Festival of Racing Cmdr Raiko
14 - 22 October Yggdrasil Cmdr Polly
4 - 12 November Hope and Glory Cmdr Hanekura Shizuka

All race dates may be subject to change. This is necessary to enable races to avoid periods of major galactic instability. It is expected that any changes will be announced at least a week in advance of the start of each race.

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