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Braking Badly

Swift Sixteen Championship

Standing Challenges

The A* Challenge

The A* Challenge is simple: Fly from Sol (or Wolf 359) to Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy, and record your time for doing so.

Of course, this being the endurance challenge of the racing world, there's a bit more to it than that, including maintaining focus for a trip that will many hours in the cockpit, and the perils of route plotting in the galactic core.

The A* Challenge is open for the long term. Make the run at any time, with no deadline. For full details on rules and how to enter, see the race thread here.

The Pomeche Ridge Challenge

Fancy yourself as the greatest SRV driver the galaxy has ever seen (or just looking for a place to test and improve your flyving skills)? The Pomeche Ridge Challenge is the ultimate SRV time-trial, available in three stages of increasing difficulty (The "easy" 26km long Blue Run, the challenging 52km long Red run and the difficult 65km long Black run). Click here to ride the ridge!.

The Cortes Base Drag Strip Challenge

If you find the Pomeche Ridge a bit daunting (or have simply mastered it) and are looking for a quick alternative then look no further than Cortes Base in the Ross 1047 system. If ever a planetary base was made as a racing venue then surely this is it! The challenge is a quick out-and-back-again 10k sprint which can easily be completed in under 10 minutes. Full details, including links to the Elite Racers Circuit Challenge (which is also being hosted at this venue) can be found in the official forum thread.

The Colonia Trophy Dash

The Colonia Trophy Dash is a time trial race that is intended to be an ongoing standing challenge with all waypoints in the Colonia region. All waypoints accept all three size classes of ship, so all ship types can compete. In a similar manner to the A* Challenge, the race will be split into Classic and Unlimited classes and the fastest times for each ship class will also be recorded. Full details about the race can be found in the official forum thread.

The IronBucky Challenge

Originally a part of Fat Tony's Festival of Racing (a BRC event from 3303) the Iron Bucky Trophy - the "IronBucky" - requires commanders to attempt to complete all three of the festival's main events - The Station Scramble, The Bubble Tour and The Wasat Rally - in a single session without making repairs or using synthesis.

The three sections of the IronBucky (which all start and finish at Brash Dock in the Siren system) are as follows:

IronBucky runs require pre-registration of an approximate starting time, and the run actually has to begin no more than 15 minutes after this time. Full details about the IronBucky can be found in the official forum thread.

The Black Riband Rebooted

The ultimate smuggling challenge returns, with racers invited to ship rare goods across the galaxy across a range of challenges, for the enjoyment of the event's (ex?-)mobster organisers and adoring cheerleaders alike. A variety of challenges are available, from the simpler Bootlegger Express to the full-scale Black Riband itself. Click here for all the details.

Alas now that rare goods are considered legal across the galaxy the Black Riband challenge has been closed indefinitely.

Upcoming Events

When What Organiser
8th - 16th April 3309 The Empire Hustle Sulu
6th - 14th May 3309 Thargoid Structure Scramble 2 Alec Turner
10th - 18th June 3309 Tunnel-ish Vision Sgurr
22nd - 30th July 3309 Double Trouble Raiko
26th August - 3rd September 3309 Pareco Run Psykit
23rd September - 1st October 3309 Braking Badly Caelum Incola
October 3309 Prison Brake Ashnak
November 3309 Close Encounters Ozric

All race dates may be subject to change. This is necessary to enable races to avoid periods of major galactic instability. It is expected that any changes will be announced at least a week in advance of the start of each race.

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