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Description Coords Heading & Distance
Bridger Town
(Alec Turner)
The only landable base on Kumay and the start/finish line for our expedition. There's a race track around the base which we can utilise while waiting for everyone to gather. +28.48
43, 35.4km
The Sentinel
(Alec Turner)
The 8km high mountain peak overlooking Bridger Town. An optional climb for those attempting the "Twin Peaks Challenge". +30.8482
328, 91.8km
Cinder Toffee Mountain
(Alec Turner)
Second peak near Bridger Town on the route North and part of the optional "Twin Peaks Challenge". +38.3685
332, 130km
The Grand Canyon Craters
(Alec Turner)
A crater (one of two actually) up on the plain at the start of a red rock canyon complex. +48.1
273, 75.8km
Geological #8
277 North of Bridger Town. In a canyon thet runs in general S-N direction. +47.94
280, 66.3km
The Lithops Mesa
(Alec Turner)
A pair of flat topped hills resembling the Lithops succulent on the edge of a complex canyon area and next to a crater with a nice central mound. +48.82
46, 112km
Geological #6
317 North of Bridger Town, in slight depression, otherwise unremarkable terrain. +55.55
23, 140km
Coluber's Folly
(Alec Turner)
A blue stain like a wide dry river bed across red desert, shallow crater at the end. +67.3343
123, 80km
Blue Cliff Valley
(Alice Cooper)
Nice blue cliff lined valley. +62.32
95, 65km
Blue Vein Valley
(Alec Turner)
A blue bottomed valley cutting through red dessert landscape which leads to a larger pair of heart shaped blue basins. +61.1
56, 140km
The Northern Route
(Alice Cooper)
A whole series of craters and valleys en-route from Blue Vein Valley to the North Pole. +65.5458
21, 61.2km
Sulphur Peak
(Alec Turner)
A 7km high peak in a range of sulphurous mountains which form the "fire" half of the "Fire And Ice Mountains". +80.3772
0, 107km
The North Pole
(Alec Turner)
The North Pole of Kumay +90.0
170, 105km
Manaslu peak
(Jonas Treesong)
Huge ice peak, at least 4.5km above ground level. The peak is so massive, it creates its own dark side. The "ice" half of the "Fire And Ice Mountains". +80.1597
129, 144km
Raccoon Ridge
(Jonas Treesong)
Chain of mountains of various heights and colouring. +68.9102
210, 53.8km
Blue Powder Gap
(Alec Turner)
A shallow valley of rolling light powder blue. +64.7128
160, 178km
O'Donnell Settlement
(Alec Turner)
A non-landable settlement at which we hope to have some fun (including "The O'Donnell Leap" and a game of "Hide and Seek"). Note that you may run into a security perimeter if you have oustanding bounties! 48.1373
193, 155km
The Jumble
(Alec Turner)
Area of dark treacherous foothills which may have to be crossed enroute to geo site #14. +33.7194
153, 51.9km
Geological #14
"Fire Bumps"

(Alice Cooper)
Located on a slightly bumpy area surrounded by valleys. +29.32
93, 42.2km
Kitten Face Vale
A mess of ravines centered around a circular canyon with "kitten like" ears. On the way from #14 to Claw Ridge. +27.3139
155, 169km
Claw Ridge
Claw shaped series of valleys, halfway to the Cliffs of Insanity. +14.2
209, 197km
The Cliffs Of Insanity
(Alec Turner)
Approx. 6km high range of fairly gnarly mountains 500km South of O'Donnel. -1.8148
222, 215km
The Tusken Wastes
(Alec Turner)
An extensive area of clay red canyons and craters. -17.171
190, 217km
Horseshoe Crater
(Alice Cooper)
Very large crater with small crater and mound plus many features. -37.46
232, 199km
Dewdrop Crater
(Alice Cooper)
Small deep crater with steep center mound. -47.81
243, 66.6km
Buttercup Mountains
(Alice Cooper)
Mountains separated by a yellow plain. -49.15
231, 84.6km
The Naga Canyon
Narrow and deep (1-1.5km) canyon running S-SW of the BCM and cutting through some large craters -54.81
180, 366km
The South Pole
(Alec Turner)
The Southern Pole of Kumay -90
329, 73.6km
The Southern Ghosts
(Alec Turner)
Field of eerily lit craters in the dark near the South pole. -83.0297
315, 165km
Geological #11
Frankly, don't remember - just at the edge of ice cap near south pole, probably in a crater, or shallow canyon. -68.8
328, 84.9km
Geological #16
Near south pole - in a canyon. -61.71
2, 52.3km
Beggar's Canyon
(Alec Turner)
Thrilling stretch of dark flat bottomed canyons on the route from #16 to Knievel's Jump. -56.7507
18, 72.3km
Knievel's Jump
(Alec Turner)
A reasonably narrow canyon to jump across. -50.1221
353, 120km
Geological #24
This geosite is in the middle of a rather plain, very dull landscape, nothing to report about. -38.7657
12, 119km
ZigZag Point
An alternative route North from Beggar's Canyon to Grim Face Crater takes in some interesting terrain along the way including this large area of canyons. -41.24
2, 235km
Geological #23
This geosite is in the middle of a rather plain, very dull landscape, nothing to report about. -27.7062
32, 180km
Grim Face Crater
(Alice Cooper)
Very large crater with an interesting valley cutting through it. -12.92
358, 155km
The Corona Basin
(Alec Turner)
Shallow crater with bright spots and nice central mound at the Northern end of the canyon complex halfway between Grim Face Crater and The Termite Mound. +1.5452
357, 133km
The Termite Mound
(Alec Turner)
Classic nipple in the middle of a medium size pink crater in the middle of a large hot pink desert. +13.0019
24, 179km